Friday, October 7, 2016

Push past the dip

"I worked really hard at something and it paid off and the only person to blame is me" - Sean Plott (Day9)

What was the last time that you truly worked really really hard at something. To be happy in life we all need to be growing and pushing ourselves. Seth Godin calls it "the dip", meaning that we all need something hard, something challenging that we need to push ourselves through and come out better on the other side. If you are finding yourself unfulfilled in life, maybe its because you are missing this dip or challenge in your life.

For myself I want to recapture the feeling of working really really hard at something and being proud of my accomplishment. I want to be able to marvel at how I persisted to get from point A to B even when the path was not necessary laid out and there were doubts that I would even get there but I persisted anyway. I look back to the times in my life that I pushed through the dip and realize that those were the most memorable moments.