Monday, October 10, 2016

On Health and Fitness

Exercise and eating right isn't just something that I do. Its everything. Its core to who I am. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs we have physiological needs at the very bottom. 
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wikipedia: Physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will ultimately fail. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important; they should be met first.

Although its not explicitly mentioned. I'll add health and fitness to those physiological needs. Being in great health is a gateway to everything else. I am a better friend because I exercise. I am a better employee because I eat right. 

I've noticed that after I've been in such great health that after a short period of not eating right or not doing physical activity my body starts craving it. Although I won't die like if I were to not have air or water, I do consider it essential to life as a part of me is missing; and maybe in a Tony Robbins sense that when we aren't growing we are dying.

I feel strong. I feel like a bad-ass and it gives me a sense of happiness. I feel more confident and feel smarter. Maybe I am smarter as supposedly exercise helps increase the airflow to my brain. I'm less stressed and more prepared to handle the toughness of life.

So make time to treat your body right. Make time to eat healthy means and get some physical activity. Its not just some thing that you should do once in a while when you think you packed on a few pounds. Rather your health and fitness is a basic physiological need and I'd start thinking of it as something core to you rather than a fringe thing