Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mind and Body

Can you change your body without changing your mindset? Think hard about that one. If you go to the gym and workout your body, can you do so without working out your brain as well? It kind of depends how you believe the mind and body are related. This belief may also be culturally related as well where in western cultures we kind of think of these as separate things, but in eastern cultures they are one and the same.

I believe in the latter. You cannot possibly change your body w/o changing your mindset as well. They are one in the same. When you change your body, you also change how you feel about yourself, your confidence, mental strength, ability to handle pain, mood. When you lift that bar in the gym, you are also lifting some "muscle" in your brain. Even if you don't believe that you probably believe the studies showing that when you exercise, you actually increase your bodies ability to deliver oxygen to the brain. This has to affect how your brain functions right?

So if you wanted to change your "general self" for the better (become happier, more confident, more successful), then you might want to start with your body first. Although hmm... does the chicken or the egg come first?