Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm Too Busy

In today's world we are all so busy. We are always working. After work, we have extra-curricular activities. Try planning a dinner with a group of people and some portion always commits but ends up flaking because some important things came up or they had to work late again. We are so busy that we don't leave time to do things we love. We are money rich, yet so time poor.

There are certainly cases where we are busy working hard on things we love; things that make us happy. However, it is important to look up and take a look around and reexamine if this is true as busyness is often just a guise for procrastination and avoidance of the hard things. Being busy can be a sign of laziness; not putting in the hard though or trying to avoid a tough decision.

I think busyness could be a cultural thing. Society pushes us to load our lives up with as much as we can handle. We might even brag about how busy we are. I've seen city dwellers laugh at those from Hawaii (island life) and their slow pace of life. As a type-A go-getter I myself have said that I could never lead such a life. However as I grow wiser I have come to see the beauty of not having to be busy all the time.

I think its important to put some slack back into the system. Having this time to think is not inefficiency but rather makes you extremely flexible, well minded, and productive. Adding more work is like adding more fuel, but if you aren't heading in the right direction then it only makes matters worse.

Take time to prioritize, to make sure you are doing the the right things. Be less busy and more efficient.