Monday, September 26, 2016

Locus of Control

I was going to watch the first of the debates today, but I couldn't because I don't have a TV. What? You don't have a TV? Yeah I recently sold it. I haven't really watched anything worthwhile on it for some time. I hate watching all the ads. I'm on a low information diet and I'm de-cluttering. I'm getting rid of most of my things as a way to minimize but also as I prepare for a long term travel/mini-retirement.

The other thing that I am focusing on is locus of control. Regardless of how things go in the debate, none of it really matters. I'm in California so my vote for president is pretty inconsequential. Even if it did I don't think that would bring about real change? What brings about real change? It is focusing on the things we can control. Bringing the focus internal as opposed to external. We can't count on the president to change our lives and country. Instead we should take action. Set an example by being a good friend, parent, co-worker, citizen. Just being nice to the people that we run across each day. To create bigger change, maybe even get involved with local community projects. As we take action and influence our locus becomes bigger and bigger and those that we affect will in turn spread our good will and actions. That's how real change begins. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of political themed entertainment, but lets not forget that we ourselves are responsible for creating change.