Sunday, April 10, 2016


I just loved this TED talk on procrastination by Tim Urban. I've always thought of myself as a non-procrastinator (at least in recent times) as I would finish assignments early and follow a "wash my bowl" mentality. However, his comment that we are all procrastinators made me do some more introspection and although I'm pretty good at conquering the urgent / important things on my list. I think I need to improve on the non-urgent / important things. 

I've gotten better at this as i've started to do weekly reviews each weekend to plan the week. The idea being to check-in every week and make sure I'm striving for those large goals, but that hasn't been going as fast as i'd like. The key for me at this point will be priority and focus - building those good habits.

(from Essentialism)

The final mention in the talk was the "life calendar":

(image via

When you see your entire life with each week represented as a block. It really gives you some perspective. Our time is very short. I wish I could say that I've used those grey bars wisely but I know I can do better. Here's to making the best of those orange bars! Do it now (seriously)!