Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Habits

We are creatures of habit. And there are times where we go with our habit more often than other times. One of these is when we are in a state of high stress or pressure. I know from rock climbing that when climbing under extreme physical pressure, a climber will default to a certain style or move. So if someone is a heel hooker, they will try to solve the problem with a heel hook. We lean towards the things we are familiar and comfortable with. So when we are under extreme pressure in life situations, we will do what we are we are used to doing. Look at your history with pressure and stressful situations. During a run have you quit when you knew you could go further? Have you stopped studying during finals week and given up knowing you could have scored higher have you pushed yourself a bit? These are the habits we need to build today in the things we do today, big or small, to train for future situations. Don't quit.